Review: Linkin Park’s “Living Things”


July 26th. The date a lot of Linkin Park fans have been waiting for since 2010’s A Thousand Suns. As Linkin Park has had a tremendous impact on my life growing up - from purchasing my first rock album ever, Hybrid Theory, (which my dad deemed “devil music” and that I better not end up getting into trouble at school because of this music”) to losing my virginity to A Thousand Suns’  “The Messenger” - one can see why I would have to get my ears on their newest release, Living Things.

If you’re a Linkin Park fan, you know the tragedies of Minutes to Midnight. I would have to agree with my Joe that this album was awful. A few rock-my-socks-off jams, but a good percentage of pussy-serenading-bullshit.

And then A Thousand Suns came out, and we saw a glimpse of hope.

I feel that Living Things takes a step back from A Thousand Suns and regressed to Minutes to Midnight times. There are a few powerful, intense songs such as “Lies Greed Misery,” “Victimized,” and the single, “Burn It Down.” I really enjoy the power behind Chester’s chorus and Mike Shinoda’s rapping in “Lies Greed Misery” - throws me back to Meteora (my favorite Linkin Park album).

One of my favorite songs from Living Things, “Castle of Glass,” is smushed between a few decent tracks I don’t have to skip while listening through the entire album (“I’ll Be Gone,” “Skin To Bone”) It has a great back beat to it and great lyrics and a great melody.

Take me down to the river bend, Take me down to the fighting end, Wash the poison from off my skin Show me how to be whole again Fly me up on a silver wing Past the black where the siren sing Warm me up in a nova’s glow And drop me down to the dream below

Songs I’m not too impressed with is “Until It Breaks,” which has a sort of NBA2k soundtrack wanna-be beat to it with a complete opposite of badass outro. “Powerless” is another track that just sort of has a ballad feel to it. Dislike. Linkin Park, you’re so much better than this.

The cool thing that I respect about LP is that they’re very good at being interactive with their audience. Mike Shinoda posted a challenge on his blog for fans to post pictures on Twitter @linkinpark with the hashtag #LIVINGTHINGSRELEASEDAY having to do with how people have listened to and enjoyed the album today. Read the blog entry here.

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Overall Rating:

2/5 Super Corgis


If you’re not going to listen to the whole album, check these out:

  1. "Lies Greed Misery"
  2. "Castle of Glass"

Songs to karaoke to in the car by yourself:

  1. "Skin to Bone"
  2. "Roads Untraveled"

Don’t even bother:

  1. "Powerless"
  2. "TINFOIL" (seeing as "Cure for the Itch" from Hybrid Theory being my most favorite instrumental song by them)